• You can save all application's apk , including system applications.
  • By default file will be saved in "ApkGetter" folder in internal storage of device.
  • You can launch, save & uninstall on selection of application.
  • Application's file can also save to other location in device storage by change storage location from settings.
  • You can also save multiple application's file.
  • You can see your archieved application files
  • You can share, install & delete your archieved application files
  • Compatible with latest version of Android 9.0.
  • Saved apk(application) format will be 'AppName_version.apk..
  • Sorting by ascending and descending order.
  • Filtering by installed, in-built and both applications.
  • List of applications can be sorted by size, installed date or updated date of application and name of it.

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