• Device: Manufacturer, Serial Number, Board Number, Hardware, Brand etc.
  • Android: Version Name, Version Number, SDK Number, Build Number, Fingerprint etc.
  • CPU: Current CPU Utilization, Architecture, Hardware, Number of Cores, Clock Speed, Features, Kernel Version etc.
  • Memory Usage: Display Total and free RAM, Internal and External Storage.
  • Display: Brightness Level, Screen Timeout, Screen Width and Height, Orientation, Density, Scaled Density, Refresh Rate etc.
  • Sensor: List of sensors available in device with real-time graph.
  • Camera: Show information about rear and front camera with Resolutions, Focus Modes, Scene Modes, Focal Length, Supported Image Resolutions, Supported Video Resolutions etc.
  • Battery:

    Show current level of battery, Health, Status, Power Source, Temperature, Voltage etc.

  • Network: Show status of connection, network type, IP Address, Signal Strength of wifi and network, frequency of wifi, link speed of wifi etc.
  • Sim: Provides IMEI number, operator name, country code, network code, service provider name etc
  • Bluetooth: Provides status, name, address, scan mode and discovery information.
  • Tests: Provides different test for device like Display, Paint, Multi-Touch, Bluetooth, Wifi, Vibration, Fingerprint, Light Sensor, Loud Speaker, Ear Speaker, Flashlight, Ear Proximity, Volume Up, Volume Down etc.

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