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  • Unit converters:

    Currency, Length, Storage, Area, Weight, Temperature, Time, Image, Speed, Current, Sound, Cooking, Fuel Consumption, Pressure, Energy, Force, Fuel Efficiency-Mass, Fuel Efficiency-Volume, Heat Density, Heat Capacity, Angle, Resolution, Magnet, Solution, Prefix, Charge, Electric Potential, Inductance, Electric Resistance, Electric Resistivity, Volume, Torque, Inertia, Density, Angular Velocity, Angular Acceleration etc.

  • Maths calculators:

    Prime Number, Fibonaccis, Factorial, Equations, Proportion, Factors & Prime, Rational, Arithmetic & Geometric Sequnces, Polynomial, Permutation, Number, Binary etc.

  • Financial calculators:

    Service Tax, EMI, Car Loan, Discount, Fix Deposit, Percentage, Mortgage, Loan, Lease, Return on investment, Present value, Future value, Annuity, Margin etc.

  • Tools:

    BMI, Bubble Level, Compass, Ruler, Date Difference, Speedometer, Step Counter, Shoes Size Measurement, Cooking Measurement, Ring Measurement, Wire Measurement, Password Creator, Cryptography, Protractor, Metal Detector, World Time, Morse Converter, RGB/HEX Color Converter, Case Converter, etc.


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